13 March 2011


so damn true.
semoga tak lama.
semoga cepat.
lagi cepat lagi bagos!
ye.saya juga boleh bergumbira seperti anda okeyh.
ye, saya nampak anda sedang bergumbira.saya nampak tu.sangat nampak T_T
N yes, i can get double, triple happiness more than you.
just wait for the time to come.
bila masa itu datang....hohohoho *gelak jahat* (-_-"
sila bukak mata luas2.
sila bukak telinga besa2.please accept all the good advices.
hm..at least TRY to change.
after this..I will,
dont care and dont want to bother about what people think, and all their cakap belakang.. coz they are not me. they're not the one that face n get through all the things.
i'll find my own happiness. i'll try. even there might be some other people who don't like it. hmm.
but i believe,
people who loves me, will loves to see me happy too :)

repekan di pagi hari.
perut da bunyik krukk2,cpt lari ke dapur~!

"soe ter-update belog! tak sengaja..heee"