25 November 2011

thanks Allah for giving me this experience :')

one week in oncology ward (ward for cancer patient)

..and i see you in every patient.

do you get the same medications as they are? do you feel nauseated too (due to the side effect of the chemo)? how about the pain? can you stand with it? is it bad?

there was one patient passed away today. and i was there. from the moment the patient still got her pulse until the pulse is completely undetectable. the family member were crying, moaning. not only the deceased's family. but also the patient that stayed just beside the bed. maybe she frightened, or maybe she expect the same thing too to happen on her in the future.maybe..only she know. i cant describe what i felt during that time. yes, i feel sorry and sad but luckily i still have courage to control myself from being too emotional.fuhh~

do you feel the same way too?

if only i have the opportunity to take care of you..help to clean you..feed you with your favourite foods..and support you..

May Allah bless you, always ;')

"Thinking of the dayWhen you went awayWhat a life to takeWhat a bond to breakI'll be missing you"