20 December 2011


i can be the sweetest person you've seen.


i can be the person that you cannot stand with even in a minute... *grrr..muka garang*

and everytime that type of  'conflict' occur in myself..i wish i can be like the wind. invisible. easy come and go. 
tak nyusah kan orang. doesn't break anyone heart pun T_T

yep, dah buat orang confuse. buat orang guilty secara tak sengaja. minta maafff.. 

even terasa nak explain macam macam pun, i just can't. but everything happen for a reason kan. i think i've my own reason..i think la~ ~ *boleh pulak i think, i think..-_-"*

is it something relate with hormonal things or something else..hmm,i'm not sure. aihh..sooo 'lucky' la future hubby aku nak melayan perangai aku nanti kan T_T

-  dan aku pilih untuk diam. jalan selamat mungkin.

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